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A Brand as Diverse as its Origin

If you're looking to build your brand, extend your network and have fun doing it; you've found the right apparel shop.

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Who is Jax Apparel?


We have an easy process!

1. Email

2. We intake your company or brand needs.

3. We speck clothing items and begin to build your store.

4. You push your store link to all of your friends, family and social media platforms.

5. They BUY.


Jax Apparel produces and ships directly to the consumers door!

Owner & Founder

Jax Apparel was built with Hustle, Sincerity and the Drive to Represent the Good in the World through Quality, Ethics and Communication.

Its not the clothes but the people wearing them that make each individual brand special .

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What We DO

Apparel Design > We have multiple professional artists with multiple specialties ranging from Logo Design, Racing Designs & Sporting Designs.

Screen Printing & Embroidery > We have paired up with a large Local Screen printing and Embroidery Company known for their work with Cleveland, Ohio Sports Teams!

Collaborations > WE LOVE CROSS BRANDING AND NETWORKING! We will always support other businesses and we couldn't offer the variety that we do with out them!

Washing Instructions

It's Not Hard and like everything with Reason in life; a little extra care goes a long way!

Store Updates

Updated 1/3/2022

TikTok Offical

We have so many friends on the platform we wanted to support them as much as they support us!